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What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a style of sensual, romantic and sometimes erotic images intended purely for the enjoyment for yourself and/or romantic partners. It's not porn - it's a beautiful person on their own self love journey.

Do you need a pick me up or want to plan a special surprise for your loved one?

A boudoir session with SBP will empower you to rock that inner diva, sexy bombshell that you are.

Do it for you! We have photographed women of all shapes and sizes. You don't need to wait until you lose a few more pounds... or for any special occasion.

Being a woman is sexy - show those curves - dare to break out of your shell.

If you ask some of my past boudoir clients and they will tell you their session was actually really FUN once they got past the initial nerves of showing some skin and they wish it wasn't over when time is up. I am also a woman and I get the insecurities we all have about our bodies.

I will coach you through flattering poses and show or cover as much skin as you feel comfortable showing.

As I watch women see their final images for the first time and see them realize how GORGEOUS they really are you realize you deserve to be pampered, even if only for a few hours.

Glam Sessions - The Ultimate Boudoir Experience

Professional Makeup & application of faux lashes

90 minutes of professional posing in private studio

Unlimited outfits within allotted session time

In person viewing appointment to pick your favorite images and choose which go into your album

Custom designed album with your favorite images and $200 print credit


Product upgrades available and can be discussed at appointment

White Sheet Sessions

These events are held several times each year and allow ladies an opportunity to dip their toes in the boudoir pond.

This is semi-private which means clients arrive in back to back appointments and as one lady is getting their makeup done the previous is getting her private white sheet photoshoot - behind a room divider so it's private but we can still hear and interact with the other ladies in studio. It's SUPER FUN!!

A makeup artist will doll you up including faux lashes - because they just make every image that much better and I'll drape a white sheet strategically over your curves to enhance your curves. Be as brave and daring as you like... trust me I won't be embarrassed.

Event Pricing... will be announced each event.

This is a PERFECT idea for bachelorette parties or for a fun Girls Night Out. Ask for details for booking a private party.

Sometimes you can't or don't want to share the experience with others so you may also book a private

white sheet session... ask for pricing.

We will be offering more THEMED boudoir sessions - watch our Boudoir FB page for more details.

Candy Shop Sessions

Wanna Get Sexier?

Boudoir is creative, sexy and FUN. Let's try a steamy shower scene, swirl some blacklight paints and GLOW under the lights... if you were waiting for your sign... THIS IS IT!

I'm ready to book

Have the ultimate date night doing a couple's session.

Touch my body

Put me on the floor

Play with me some more

Tips to prepare for your session

Moisturize your entire body

Arrive with a clean face, ready for makeup

Wear loose fitting clothes and undergarments to avoid impressions in your skin

Make sure nails are clean, trimmed and if desire, polished

Eat a snack and drink water on way to studio - modeling is hard work!

RELAX! You will look and do AMAZING!


You can view product samples at the studio during your session.

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