Christmas in the new studio

We did it! One crazy Christmas season in the new studio. I'm was so pumped to be able to offer multiple setups and offering lots of options to all of my clients. Guess what..... I've already started planning for next year!

I understand that getting the perfect Christmas card photo is so important and trust me I had to work really hard with some of the little ones to get those smiles or better yet to get all the tears and meltdowns. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and hope they just warm up to the idea. The kitchen set usually was the ice breaker - once they were able to play with the ingredients and forget about the flash and camera then we had some winning shots.

I pride myself with being pretty flexible and accommodating and have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make the kids smile. I think all but 1 or 2 sessions I was successful in capturing those pearly whites.... eventually!

Let's take a look back at some of the sessions. First up is the kitchen scene. Backdrop was from Fancy Fabrics Backdrops and most people were surprised to know that it was a backdrop. I added lots of festive props and baking accessories and BOOM look at what we got here.

Next up.... toys!

did you say horsey?

Every year there is always a gotta have it prop that many photographers use for their setups. This year it was the rocking horse from HD. Well I contemplated it and decided to do it since it coordinated with my Baby Dream Backdrop Toy Shoppe setup. And you know I didn't want to experience the FOMO.....fear of missing out.

Whoop there it is..... over the mountains to simply because studio

I traditionally I like lots of props in my sets but this backdrop I felt didn't need too much to make it pop. This was from Intuitions Backdrops and was large and in charge. I was able the fit larger families and was cute enough to add in the Red Truck prop.

who wants to read a christmas story?

add in some pajamas and some smiley faces

I changed up my bed setup depending on my mood that day. I love what we got and learned some things I will want to change for next year.

last but not least.... the christmas barn setup

add in some snowy overlays and you got yourself an adorable scene

This is probably my favorite setup this year. I loved ALL my sets but this one was just made me feel so happy when I saw the images produced. I used it for a newborn session and WOW amazing!

This backdrop was from Baby Dream Backdrops and while I wish it was bigger I definitely LOVED it. Which makes it kinda hard to decide if I should sell it or not.

Last but Not least..... the red truck

This wasn't used much only because of where I had it setup....but I absolutely love it and will be using it again next year.