Say what? you're moving??


Simply Because Photography is finally moving into a commercial studio space in a few short weeks. I have been anxiously awaiting to share this AMAZING news with my family, friends and most importantly my clients. My loyal clients and people close to me know that I have been squished for years in my basement studio while creating all the magic you seen on SBP social media sites. As is typical for newborn and children photographers it's literally so addicting to shop for my sessions so I can create amazing sets and give you the best experience possible. As my collection grew with more props, backdrops and accessories I was literally bustin' at the seams.

Searching for a suitable space had been a challenge. I wanted to be close to home so I don't have to travel miles and miles to work and can easily drop home to check on the dog or grab a bite to eat but my tiny town hadn't shown much opportunity. Then BOOM - covid hit! I was secretly glad I hadn't committed to a lease as everything was shut down for months.

As sessions resumed for summer and fall my small studio was still overflowing with stay-a-home purchases of more props and the normal tornado mess left after a typical session I began my search again. I even considered collaborating with other local photographers - but ultimately I decided in needed my own space to allow my DREAM come to life.

Life over the past year has definitely thrown me some curveballs- the healthcare system is utter chaos (I'm a nurse in my other life outside of the studio) my kids doing virtual learning, struggling with knee pain for months and then having knee surgery in February plus the loss of a family member I learned that life is way to short to be unhappy. In April I was presented an offer but I was afraid to take the leap. Could my business sustain the costs associated with a commercial space? Could I do it alone? I would finally have ample storage, a larger studio space and even better it's only 2.5 miles from my house.

Well guess what, I did it - lease is signed - keys are coming and I'm beyond excited for the new things coming for Simply Because Photography!

Stay tuned for my studio debut - I'll be mingling with my community members August 3rd at National Night Out. Stop by and visit -- say hello and wish me well.